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Tommy Cooper jokes

Tommy Cooper joke – at the doctor’s

Each month we’ll feature a silly Tommy Cooper joke. Guaranteed to get a chuckle – even on a Monday. Tommy goes to the doctor I went to the doctors. He said, “I’d like you to lie on the couch”. I said “What for?” He said “I’d like to sweep the floor”.

13 March 2018 0
Funny things on public transport which should stay private

Funny habits on public transport which should stay private

Actually, I’m not sure if this is funny or just plain inappropriate! If you get on a busy train, tube or bus, you’ve probably seen people doing things which make you laugh or look the other way and hope they stop doing it. I was watching a young man yawn on the tube and he…
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6 March 2018 0
funny sign - funny notice

Funny sign – you have to laugh!

This funny sign at a hotel in Egypt had everyone in stitches. There were a few of these signs and they all had a vital ‘l’ missing from the word ‘pool’. This is what happens when you have pee(l) off letters – you’re asking for trouble. But, on the other hand, it brought a smile…
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2 March 2018 0
up the creek comedy club - daily chuckle

The best live stand up comedy club in London

If you go through the comedy listings you’ll see big names headlining at massive venues for a premium price. That’s ok if you like going to larger venues but there’s a fantastic comedy club in the heart of London with big and upcoming names at bargain prices. Up the Creek comedy club in Greenwich features…
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1 March 2018 0
funny mug for mother's day, gift for mum

Funny and original Mother’s Day gifts

If you’re looking for some gift ideas for your mum this Mother’s Day, then look no further! This fantastic Russian doll mug, featuring a baby doll looking up to mummy doll, is the ultimate mini-me gift for mum. The baby says, “when I grow up I want to be like you”. It’s a silly joke,…
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28 February 2018 0